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A&A Construction & Utilities, Inc. offers a comprehensive range of innovative solutions for residential and commercial property owners.

Residential Services

Trenchless Sewer Line Repair or Replacement

Destroying your yard and landscaping to replace sewer lines is not necessary when you work with A&A Construction & Utilities. We use a trenchless sewer replacement method that is innovative and not destructive to break apart the old pipe underground while pulling a seamless HDPE pipe at the same time. 

Trenchless Water Line Repair or Replacement

When your water line is broken or in need of replacement, trenchless water line repair is a fantastic, non-invasive option. Our no-dig trenchless technology can replace aging or broken water mains or install new water mains. The mess, cost and time delays once associated with water line repair or replacement can now be things of the past.

Storm, Water, Sewer and Conduit Installation for New Homes

We offer a broad range of trenchless storm, water, sewer and conduit line installation for new construction. Installation no longer means tearing up your yard or new landscaping just to install lines. We use cutting-edge techniques to install storm, water, sewer and conduit lines without doing damage.

New Water Meter and Sewer Connections

We can complete new water meter and sewer connections at new constructions and existing homes in need of pipe replacement.

Water Service and Meter Size Upgrades

From water mains to service lines, we offer a wide range of trenchless equipment to meet the needs of most homeowners. If you are experiencing issues with your water flow, we can troubleshoot the problem and perform line or meter size upgrades.

Commercial Services

Storm, Water, Sewer and Conduit Installation

We offer a broad range of trenchless storm, water, sewer and conduit line installation services for new construction and existing businesses. Installation no longer means tearing up your parking lot, landscaping, property or sidewalks just to install lines. We use cutting-edge techniques to install storm, water, sewer and conduit lines at commercial properties without doing damage.

Manhole Rehabilitation

We offer manhole rehabilitation and installation, as well as manhole frame and cover replacement. Our professionals can also complete internal manhole repairs, manhole replacement or manhole abandonment.


Install or upgrade existing water service to meet local codes for serving building fire suppression systems. Installation of all related meters and vaults.

Conventional Pipe Replacement for Installation or Replacement

While we specialize in trenchless pipe installation or replacement, we also offer conventional pipe replacement for situations where trenches are essential to proper installation or replacement. If the conventional method is more appropriate for your situation, we can perform your replacement or repairs.

Abandonment of Pipes

We also offer disconnection and abandonment of water and sewer services. Before demolition work can be completed, the private water and sewer lines must be exposed at a point near the property line, cut off and sealed.


Testing of Pipes and Devices

A&A offers testing on the following items:

  • Flush Testing per NFPA 24 Standards
  • Hydrostatic Testing
  • Backflow Certifications and Testing

Why A&A Construction & Utilities?

We add value for all of our residential and commercial clients in a variety of ways. Why should you choose A&A Construction & Utilities?

  • We are MBE certified in multiple jurisdictions.
  • We are constantly training in the latest techniques.
  • We have over 25 years of experience working in trenchless and conventional line replacement.
  • Trenchless repairs, replacements and installations eliminate the cost of site rehabilitation and allow for work to be done with as little downtime as possible, adding up to major savings.
  • We offer off-hours scheduling to minimize disruption to your business.
  • We use state of the art materials that are designed to last.
  • We have the expertise to research numerous options to find the right solution for your utility needs, and the specialized equipment and operators to complete the job.